Digitus Plug&View system receives popular award

Lüdenscheid, 19th March, 2013 – A great day for the Digitus Plug&View system: At the CeBIT in Hannover the Assmann team was awarded the Innovation Award IT 2013 in the category State Winners NRW. Prize laureates is the Plug&View camera system that not only convinced and inspired the panel of judges “Initiative Mittelstand” but also visitors and journalists at the trade show.


The Innovation Award IT of the Initiative Mittelstand has been honouring the best IT solutions for the middle classes for about the last ten years. The IP security cameras and the entire system from Assmann completely convinced the jury that consists of 100 professors, scientists, industry representatives, IT experts and professional journalists. “What a great debut for a developing company” raved Karola Bode, Manager Sales & Marketing at Assmann. “The Digitus Plug&View cameras including software have been developed from scratch at our company and they reflect our competency and customer orientation. It was our goal to provide an innovative powerful state-of-the-art camera solution that is still easy to install and easy to handle. We achieved that with Plug&View and that was recognized by the jury, thus we thank the jury for that!”
“Innovative, practice-oriented and suitable particularly for medium-sized companies” – those attributes of the Innovation Award apply to the Plug&View System wholeheartedly. E.g., the IP security cameras by Assmann are ready for use in only one minute. Especially user friendly: The cameras are accessed via the Digitus own app and access is possible from anywhere via smartphone and tablet. As an alternative the cameras can be registered and managed via Internet browser via PC or Mac. Currently Assmann offers four different camera models (from 70 to 190 Euros RRP) and thus provides the perfect solution for every application.

The applications for the security cameras are diverse: The concept of the Plug&View cameras allows you to contact your family when you are ‘on the go’, monitor your babies and toddlers and take care of seniors living by themselves.
If you are at work you may want to keep an eye on your four legged friends at home or you want to watch your private home to prevent break-ins or theft. In addition the cameras are best suited for commercial use – for instance for monitoring the company’s premises or the car fleet park.
Totally easy installation
For its Plug&View System, Digitus uses a completely new installation approach: Via the website mydigitus.net and the individual code of every camera, a connection between user and camera will be established automatically – elaborate installation processes are omitted. After registering the device via mydigitus.net (alternatively also scannable as QR Code), the camera will be recognized automatically and added to the personal user account. Every authorized user can now access the camera via smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, view video sequences and even change individual settings remotely. If so desired video data can be stored via a secured connection in the mydigitus Cloud and they are thus available independently from the location anywhere (in the cloud): This is a great advantage over common security cameras that can only be installed with great efforts and technical know-how and that are hardly accessible directly online.
Scope of functions
All Plug&View cameras feature WLAN acc. to newest 11n-standard. This standard provides uninterrupted data transfer. Most of the cameras support Micro SD Cards up to 32 GB, they can be accessed via an own app and allow access via all popular Internet browsers.
Almost all cameras offer 4x digital zoom as well as motion detection with notification and storage functions of the images. The Smart Light Control provides powerful monitoring functions even when it is dark.

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