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DIGITUS_Plug-View_DN16027Firmware DIGITUS® OptiVision (DN-16027):

  • How to install the new firmware update
  • FW rev.1812F (29.05.2015):
    • New P2P library to fix the Google API update
  • FW rev.1812A (15.04.2014):
    • Shows correct size for SD card
  • FW rev.1811Z (07.04.2014):
    • Add default email server
    • Add email test function
    • Fixed time capture issue
    • Remove alarm-in page
    • P2P library update to support more pan steps for DN-16036 & DN-16044
  • FW rev.1811T (05.09.2013)
    • a new and improved webinterface in German
    • a simplified WLAN connection
    • improved FTP-Using
    • improved firmware update function
    • support by Internet Explorer 8-10
    • different Bugfixes
  • FW rev.1811O incl. updated searchtool (22.05.2013)
    • Add support for FTP with sub-folder
    • Add SD card format sucessful pop-up message
    • Add WiFi connecting status with flashing text
    • OCX install no unknown characters (only English)
    • Name change from OCX-H264 to Internet Explorer & VLC-H264 to Firefox/Chrome
    • German UI is included
    • Searchtool: supports Windows 8 now
  • FW rev.1811N (30.04.2013)
    • Add support to long WiFi SSID of more than 15 characters (eg: ¡§Fritz!Box WLAN 3170¡§)
    • Simplify WiFi setting by adding auto-scan for SSID and also message pop-up after WiFi setup
    • Add motion trigger recording to FTP
    • Show correct MAC address (not 00:00:00:00:00:00) after reboot under WiFi fixed IP address
    • 1811N Firmware Limitation: 1811N is only upgradable by Internet Explorer (Firefox & Chrome is not working). Please use Internet Explorer to upgrade the firmware.
  • FW rev.1811I (12.03.2013)
    • Improve LAN to WiFi transition without DDNS issue
    • WiFi connection with fixed IP address is working
    • Add more P2P ports for ISP blocking ports issue
  • FW rev.1811E (21.02.2013)


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