Camera Dummies

DN16040DUMMY_4016032357162_front_1_RGB (1)You want to deter burglars effective but cringe even before the real use of surveillance technology? No problem. This dummy camera DIGITUS® secures your property very effectively. For a small investment and with minimal effort, you will receive a maximum sense of security.


PuV_Button-Info-i-nur-iWhat is a dummy?

A dummy is an empty enclosure and accurate replica of a product without “intact” inner, technical life. The dummy has thus no technical function, but deterrent effect thanks to their authenticity.


IP66 enclosure for outdoor use

DN16043DUMMY_4016032357223_front_1_RGBThe housings are from the original Plug & View series, so it is indistinguishable from the genuine Plug & View Camera. The weather-resistant and high-quality housing also ensures that you can use the camera for a long time.

Package Content

The DIGITUS® Plug & View Camera dummies are available of course with the necessary mounting hardware and are suitable for the usage in the carport,
Entrance hall, workshop or small commercial units

Make you decision for a bullet modell (OptiMax Pro Dummy) or the Dome modell (Opti Pro Dome Dummy):


DIGITUS® OptiMax Pro Dummy

DN16040DUMMY_4016032357162_front_1_RGB (1)


Your outdoor Plug&View camera dummy with IP 66 case

357162 / DN-16040-DUMMY

The DIGITUS® Plug & View OptiMax Pro Dummy is a dummy camera designed specifically for outdoor use, for example on the wall or in the garden and features a weather-resistant IP66 enclosure.

DN16040DUMMY_4016032357162_front_2_RGBDN16040DUMMY_4016032357162_back_1_RGB DN16040DUMMY_4016032357162_detail_1_RGB

DIGITUS® OptiDome Pro Dummy


Your outdoor Plug&View camera dummy with IP 66 case

357162 / DN-16043-DUMMY

The DIGITUS® Plug & View Opti Pro Dummy Dome belongs to the family of the ceiling cameras, which fits perfect for installation in halls, is suitable under carports or in doorways. The dummy camera was also specially developed for outdoor use and comes with a weather-resistant IP66 housing therefore.