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Firmware DIGITUS® OptiZoom Pro (DN-16048): optizoom pro

The .zip file also contains a guide how to perform the update.

  • FW20171106 (31.10.2017):

    • Improve WiFi connection stability
    • Improve format SD card function
  • FW20170920 (06.10.2017):

    • Change DNS for P2P Library
    • FW version auto detection in every 24 hours
    • Adjust WiFi module interval restarting time while network connection fail
    • Support latest VLC player
  • FW20170109 (09.01.2017):
    • Integrated P2P for Motion Detection from iOS App version 170 and onward, Android App version 165 and onwards
    • 2-way verification added
    • Detection of non supported characters for SSID
    • Step length improvement
    • ActiveX license change
  • FW 20160412 (12.04.2016):
    • Change to support Google API
  • FW 20160202 (02.02.2016):
    • Add FW upgrade message text for Firefox timeout
    • Support email with TLS encryption
  • FW 20151119 (19.11.2015):
    • Port configuration (HTTP, RTSP) with extra page
    • P2P library update
    • 24 hours checking for firmware update
    • Audio function default deactivated
  • FW 20150814 (14.08.2015):
    • Block telnet 88 port access
    • Fixed event recording stop issue
  • FW 20150713 (13.07.2015):
    • Add pre-buffer recording for up to 5 seconds for pre-event recording.
    • Add support to Synology NAS for Surveillance use via ONVIF.
    • Improve video recording and playback speed issue via VLC player
    • Add new cgi for Home Automation Integration
    • Add AP mode support for ALL cameras
    • General bugfixes
  • FW 20150427 (27.04.2015):
    • HTML5 support
    • Google API change for Google Drive backup

Search Tool DIGITUS® OptiPan (DN-16048):

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Manual DIGITUS® OptiZoom Pro (DN-16048):

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Quick Start Guide DIGITUS® OptiZoom Pro(DN-16048):

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Datasheet DIGITUS® OptiZoom Pro (DN-16048):

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